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  1. hmmmmm… ♥

    hmmmmm… ♥

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  2. promise of an ELF to Super junior

    Ten, twenty, thirty years from now, some of you will no longer be on stage, not all of you will continue to appear on TV shows, maybe you won’t be together anymore. You will probably be busy with other things. BUT…. I will always remember you. The smiles, the tears, the laughter, the heart felt song, the color PEARL SAPPHIRE BLUE. One day, everything may end, one day, it’s going to be over, IN MY HEART.. You will forever be SUPER JUNIOR, and I will be you forever EVER LASTING FRIEND…… This is my promise as an loyal ELF…..

  3. You said we wouldn’t last past 5… some even thought that we couldn’t make it past 1… but look at us now… starting on our 7th year!





    O_O when did u ppl add so many gifs to my post AND CLAIMED IT TO BE YOURS?!

    All you did was probably just add some gifs you stole from others to MY writing. 

    This kyuuuuuuuuuu person I am watching you.

    If it is on tumblr people will eventually reblog it. What else do people do here?

    No one asked for your 2cents.

    so proud of the things that they already have and soon will receive… waiting for another 7 years and more years to come…

  4. 111119 Henry and Leeteuk's Conversation with ELF at the first SS4's closing speech

    • Leeteuk:Henry do you want to hear what our slogan is? (To ELF) Who are we protecting?
    • ELF:Super Junior!!
    • Leeteuk:Did you hear that? What was it in the past? Who are we protecting?
    • ELF:13!!
    • Leeteuk:This was the one ELF shouted when Henry was just playing violin for us. What were you shouting when Henry was still playing violin for us?
    • ELF:Protect 13!!
    • Leeteuk:But what do you shout now?
    • ELF:Protect Super Junior!!!
    • Leeteuk:(To Henry) How was it?
    • Henry:Actually when I was backstage just now I was shouting "13!!" as well.
    • Members:hahahaha xD
    • from HenryLau粉絲專頁
  5. september 23, 2011

    while watching the anime kaichou wa maid sama I just realize something… that love can really make someone change their views in life… one of the character said that even he his prepared of getting hurt it still hurt that much… love can really be very mysterious in some ways… I my self wanted to experience it… i wanted to fall in love for me to know what it really feels like… I wanted someone like Usui Takumi  he may be very mysterious but he really love  Misaki so much… I wanted someone who will protect me from everything…. I wanted someone who will always be  at my back and catch me every time I will fall… someone who will love me unconditionally despite of my bad temper… I hope you will come soon… I’m starting to get lonely… Pls come soon not later„„

  6. september 1, 2011

    this might be the hardest thing that ever happen to me… I didn’t know that it will come so soon… I cried a lot… I know that you will be back but what I’m afraid was that the time would that you will leave us for good… I didn’t expect that it will be this hurtful….  seeing you live is as if you bring me to your departure… i hope to see you again after 2 years.. please always be healthy… take care of your self… and one thing is for sure I WILL WAIT FOR YOU…

  7. hotness over load for  Mr. Simple…

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  10. haeface:


He’s so utterly perfect, I can’t possibly comment further

so pretty T_T



    He’s so utterly perfect, I can’t possibly comment further

    so pretty T_T


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